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Our story.

The Story Continues


Samuele & Lisa Bruni

Sam and Lisa met as their paths crossed in London. Sam was working within the food production business and Lisa was running her music publishing company. They connected through many common passions mainly to restart a life in the country.
Sam had grown up on the BioBruni farm and Lisa in a small town between Oxford and London. They married and lived in Somerset, England where their passion for nature and the countryside took further hold of them.
They moved to Italy at the start of 2016 to take on the dairy farm and production from Rita and Osvaldo.
They both hold a sincere passion to see BioBruni develop into a sustainable business long into the future, contributing to the availability of choices for organic consumers across Italy. They are invested in developing the farm, dairy and experience of each member of the BioBruni team along with meeting the expectations of their valued growing consumers.

Osvaldo & Rita Bruni

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Osvaldo and Rita, the very heart of Biobruni met in the South of Italy. Osvaldo's beekeeping journey took him near to the place where Rita was studying pottery and together they flourished through their passion for nature. 

In 1986 Osvaldo and Rita discovered and moved to the farm in Piemonte (northern Italy), this was the perfect place to set roots for business, for family and what was to become their way of life.

Around 10 years later along side their joint passion for bees, Osvaldo couldn’t stop himself from having some goats to look after the land. In 2000 they were selling their first few bottles of organic fresh goats milk. After the milk came the yogurt, followed by kefir (fermented milk), and then the cheeses and of course their home was complete with their five children.

In those years goat farming and production took the majority of Osvaldo’s effort. He committed himself to produce an alternative and unique concept of its time.
Today, BioBruni is still an organic farm, one of its kind, producing organic dairy products to supply all across Italy.

Along side the bees, goats and five children Rita also could not stand still. And she completed the circle of the farm with the “Agriturismo” where with her English roots and her natural welcoming spirit she can host friends and more in this special haven of nature and happiness.



we love happy goats.

we are passionate to be one with nature.

our commitment to organic is essential for our

goats & busy bees to thrive.

our collaboration with the environment creates sustainability

to grow our family farm for the future...

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