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Osvaldo Bruni


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The story begins with honey. Osvaldo grew up in Milan with a love of honey and nature since his childhood. That love ignited his passion for bees, and at the age of 16 Osvaldo started his journey learning how to make honey from a beekeeper up in the Alps. In Val di Scave (Bergamo). He also furthered his studies at the university in Milan studying agriculture with a strong passion for insects, bees. The opportunity came to capture a swarm in Milan, his first beehive. He moved the beehive to Lake Como where he was able to grow to 25 hives. Now there was no turning back for Osvaldo, beekeeping would become his life journey. The story continued with a fascinating series of events taking Osvaldo to the deep south of Italy to allow the bees to produce honey for most of the year. Not only that but he meets his wife, Rita an Italian young lady born in England and living in Italy. She was attending a pottery course and the two together flourished through their joint passion for nature.

Busy bees.

Artisan honey

hand prepared in-house 

We produce local varieties of honey that can be found in the proximity of the farm, a land rich in flowers from acacia to chestnut. The honey is then harvested and bottled right here on the same farm within our honey lab.

The process of making honey is probably the simplest, but the most natural. Cold extraction, cold filtration and hand jarred. Our honey is what the bees have harvested, nothing more, nothing less.

mixed flowers
 seasonal varieties

  Organic honey.

biobruni, bees, beekeeping, honey, organic, italy holiday, pollen, propolis
biobruni, bees, beekeeping, honey, organic, italy holiday, pollen, propolis
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