Camosciata delle Alpi

Named so, due to their uncanny resemblance to Chamois, the camosciata goat is tawny in colour with varying brown shades boasting a striking black stripe along the length of their spine with matching black boots.


Originating from the Swiss Alpine goat, they produce well both in the mountains and plain, with a good endurance of both hot and cold climates.

They are a great milk producer, naturally high in protein and fat, ideal for the production of our products. 

They love living at BioBruni knowing that they are the glory of the farm as the whole dairy process begins with them! 

Organic passion.

Kefir, yogurt, cheese, milk
goats yogurt milk kefir cheese organic
goats yogurt milk kefir cheese organic






dairy lab

We love goats & their milk too

We believe in artisanal produce.  With milk direct from our happy goats to our on-site dairy lab. Our team prepare and pack by hand, ensuring attention to quality and every detail which make our products truly unique.

 It is our promise that every product from milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese are produced here on the same farm where our goats graze the fields.


Our milk is processed daily to guarantee freshness, bringing only the best taste for our loyal customers to enjoy.

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"I believe I was born to protect nature, 

I hold it within my heart. 

I can only work and 

live this way" 

- Osvaldo Bruni -

biobruni, goats, farm, dairy, organic, italy holiday, samuele bruni, lisa bruni
biobruni, goats, farm, dairy, organic, italy holiday, samuele bruni, lisa bruni

The Future

What's next for BioBruni

We have a great passion for what we do here at BioBruni. We are embarking on a challenge to create a sustainable future by combining honoured past traditions and implementing modern farming and production to the mix. Using our current experiences, Sam has completed many successful years within esteemed UK food businesses with the last being YeoValley Farm, the leading yogurt manufacturer in England; and Lisa carries a portfolio of International business experience as well as consulting within the sustainability sector.


“Our ambition is to grow a sustainable business for the years ahead, not just for us, but for the generations to come. We hope BioBruni will be an example of how an organic farm can make a difference in modern society, an example for others to follow”.

- Samuele Bruni -